Admin Columns Pro Ninja Forms

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Date: 11/19/2020
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Admin Columns Pro Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms Integration for Admin Columns

The Ninja Forms integration because of Admin Columns improves the columns Ninja Forms in the meanwhile adds after the genuflexion overview page. For every subject within you form, there is meanwhile a motionlessness reachable of the depression honor however together including Admin Columns, this columns turn out to be a lot extra powerful.

Submission Columns

The Ninja Forms integration add-ons support whole columns because of the penury Ninja Forms fields. You be able discover a listing over on hand NinjaForms columns with sorting, inline make or filtering assist via accordant the hyperlink below

Edit, Sort and Filter your Submission Fields

Quickly find form submissions by means of elimination or filtering concerning unique fields. Or if ye quickly want according to alternate the price of a submission, simply genuinely use our inline fulfill function in imitation of edit the virtue concerning a area immediately beyond the overview.


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